Our Next Concert's Repertoire

Upcoming Concert Repertoire

The Parkville Symphonic Band Spring Concert to be presented Tuesday, April, 7, 2019, 3:00 p.m., will feature the following musical selections:

The March from “1941”, by John Williams. John Williams is at his best in this march from the movie “1941,” a rollicking and enthusiastic musical description of misadventures in the early days of preparation for World War II. The music is a perfect blend of patriotic fervor beset by the comedic ineptness to be expected when leading characters include Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. This piece is also really fun to play!

Light Cavalry Overture, by Franz von Suppé, and arranged for band by Henry Fillmore. Although von Suppé’s operas are largely forgotten, the overtures to those operas still retain popularity as favorite classics for Pops concerts. The Light Cavalry Overture is among the best, and perhaps my favorite of the group. I know of no other piece that manages to capture the rhythm and gait of galloping horses as well as this piece.

Bugler’s Holiday, by Leroy Anderson. Another favorite among Pops concert pieces is this trumpet trio feature. A must-know for trumpet players wishing to demonstrate their skill at rapid “double-tonguing,” this Anderson gem, along with his popular “Sleigh Ride,” continues to thrill audiences with its just-right balance of cleverness and simplicity in the trumpet theme, all supported by a perfectly orchestrated accompaniment. The tune is memorable, and except for the tonguing, quite hummable.

Oklahoma, by Richard Rodgers. This classic Erik Leidzen arrangement masterfully captures many of the fine songs from this famous Broadway musical. You will enjoy the lyrical songs “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”, “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”, and of course, “Oklahoma!” and more. Enjoy this snapshot of a simpler time in America’s history.

Spirals of Light, by Sean O’Loughlin. We think you will also enjoy this fun piece which includes a touch of Irish influence in both its rhythms and melodies. Lots of sound colors help to make this a lively and appealing selection.

A Kansas Two-Step, by Arthur Pryor. The composer was the leading trombonist in Sousa’s bands during the early 20th century, and is still well known for his trombone solos featuring the instrument, with the most notable being “The Bluebells of Scotland.” This piece presents music in a ragtime style, and suggests the Kansas Two-Step was related to Cakewalks in musical style, if not in dance steps.

Only Light, Only Love, by Leslie Gilreath. Based on a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this piece is a beautiful meditation on King’s principal belief in the power of light to overcome darkness, and love to overcome hatred. Rich in textures and orchestral colors, this piece captured my attention immediately the first time I heard it.

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