Join The Band!

Joining the Band

The band always welcomes new members and encourages anyone who plays, or used to play a band instrument to join in. We can usually accommodate new members in most instrumental sections. Although we especially value our advanced players, new members need not be highly proficient, and there are no auditions! We ask new members whose skills are “rusty” to play what they can, knowing that in time they will grow into the more advanced repertoire. There are no age restrictions, and our members have ranged from advanced middle school students up to retirees. You do need an instument in good working order, and you will need to be willing to practice a bit to learn your parts. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:00 p.m., at the Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel on the Park University campus in Parkville.
For more information, call Steve Berg, 816 741-7388.

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